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Marianna Grafel
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Feng Shui For Buyers and Sellers


           As real estate professional, it is my job to help my clients get the best value for their money. We are almost always “at choice” in the selection of properties we think are suitable for their consideration. I am learning about Feng Shui and trying to apply its principles. 

My clients are thankful for finding property that is not only in their budget, but that also makes their heart smile and their feelings nurtured as they savor their new home.  

“ Honey, Stop the Car!”( a.k.a  Feng Shui Curb Appeal)


Some Feng Shui tips to make your listings ( grand or humble) delicious.


·         Curb appeal is fundamental. Grass weeded and trimmed; flowers, flowers, flowers.

·         Driveway clean, mailbox straight, trash bins out of sight.

·         Porch clean, round or oval pots of blooming flowers, weather permitting.

·         A fountain on or near the porch- water flowing toward the house.

·         Front path clean- flowers along the way.

·         A new doormat, preferably black- semicircle or oval is deal.

·         Front door should be immaculate, fresh coat of paint or varnish ( if needed).

·         Remove “ No Solicitors,” Do No Disturb” signs – replace with “ Welcome.”

·         FOR SALE sign in front right corner, if possible.

·         Address numbers visible from across the street.

·         Doorbell that sound gentle, not jarring. Solid threshold, shiny, firm doorknob.

·         Front door lock and key that work easily.



  • Fresh flowers in entry and on dining table (good looking silk flowers will do).
  • Dying plants anywhere are not good Feng Shui.
  • Remove all excess furniture – roomy and spacious feeling is more important.
  • Clutter is your worst enemy- rent a storage unit for excess, if necessary.
  • Fresh paint where needed raises the chi- a seller’s best investment.
  • 3-5 accessory items on kitchen and bathroom counters; all else removed.
  • Pay attention to artwork…. neutral is best ( no negative or violent images).
  • Position furniture to invite guests inward- nothing blocking forward movement.
  • Toilets lids down! Pet dishes out of sight; cat boxes outside.