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Marianna Grafel
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Ten things to know

 If you are planning on selling by owner and  this is your first try I will be glad to provide you with a FREE, no business soliciting consulting that will include:

  • How to get your home ready for sale.
  • How to conduct an open house. (Preparation, sociology and safety )
  • A lead-paint disclosure brochure from HUD and information on how to obtain a supply of lead-paint disclosure pamphlets.
  • A list of required property disclosure forms. 
  • A list of suggested inspections : Whole house inspection, termite inspection, radon, structural, electrical, plumbing, chimney, fireplace, furnace, A/C, water heater, mold, and soforth.
  • Sellers' and buyers' net sheet for calculating what they will realize in the transaction.
  • Marketing plan include posting on listing Web sites, local papers and home books that feature real estate ads.
  • A brief overview of mortgage financing, including fixed and adjustable loans, points, loan-to-value ratios, and so forth.
  • Local schools information.
  • A  buyer’s qualification sheet.
  • Different Types of Home Warranty Protection Plans include termite warranties.
  • An overview of a Contract to purchase real estate and possible addendum. (Will not be provide due to the legal matters).
  • A copy of the HUD 1 Settlement Statement.